Photo Gallery

Water and debris on the floor

Hurricane Flooding in Panama City Beach

After Hurricane Michael hit the area, water flooded this home. The water affected all parts of the home, damaging floors, carpet, walls and various contents in the home. SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to come out and dry the home thus preventing further damage. 

Roof damage due to hurricane

Hurricane Damage in Panama, FL

This was one of many homes impacted by Hurricane Michael. The severe roof damage in result of the storm winds caused water to enter the home producing acute water damage. Black mold started to grow on the walls in result of this. Mercifully, SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to help rectify this situation. 

Damaged roof and home due to storm damage

Hurricane Michael Roof Damage in Panama Home

This Panama home was met with Hurricane Michael which ended up destroying their roof. This caused water to invade the home, ruining everything in it's path. This category 3, grossly contaminated, loss caused major water damage throughout the home, which then turned into mold damage because of the amount of water the this family was faced with. Our SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to come out and help relieve some pressure and assist in restoring the home during this pitiful event. 

Entrance of hair salon

Water Leak at Hair Salon in Citrus County

SERVPRO of Citrus County was called to a local hair salon to assist in a water damage. The tenant of the salon had sinks installed during the end of the week. She then came back the following week to her salon being flooded due to the sink not being properly installed. This leak affected several other neighboring units but SERVPRO of Citrus County was able to come in and help resolve this unfortunate situation for everyone involved. 

Latter in hallway to get to cause of leak

Water Heater Leak in Commercial Building

This company was met with an unfortunate situation where the water heater in the buildings ceiling started to leak thus causing water to pour into their exam room. The room had standing water so SERVPRO of Citrus County came in and extracted the water and dried the area so no further damage would occur.

Golf cart melted due to fire

Golf Cart Fire in Hernando, FL

In this homes garage, a golf cart shorted out and caught fire. The home had no power due to the whole panel box being full of soot. Thankfully the fire was contained to the garage and the home was not affected.

Fire damaged kitchen area.

Fast Response Kitchen Grease Fire Cleanup

Grease fires are not to be taken lightly and should be handled very carefully. Luckily, the customer took the appropriate action to stop the spread of the fire. Unfortunately, the stove area was heavily destroyed but everyone was safe and SERVPRO of Citrus County was there to help make it "Like it never even happened."

Soot on kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Fire in Spring Hill, FL

This home had a small kitchen fire that originated from their oven. Even though it was a minimal fire, the smoke did travel through the home and got in multiple rooms, ruining multiple items in the house. No matter how big or small, SERVPRO of Citrus County will be there to help!

Soot on laundry room wall

Dryer Fire in Citrus County Home

This customer called SERVPRO of Citrus County to assist in a fire clean-up. The fire started from the dryer in the home. The smoke spread throughout the home and soot covered walls and contents inside the home. Thankfully, we were called out and were able to help with this matter.

Standing water in Citrus County Home

Washer Hose Disconnection Water Cleanup In Citrus County

This home had standing water in 5-6 rooms due to a washer hose being unconnected. The hose ran for about 2 hours, pumping water through the home with the customer being unaware of this happening. We were called out by the home owner to help remove the water and dry the home with our specialty equipment so further damage didn't occur. 

Stagnant water at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Citrus County Senior Living Bio-Water Cleanup

SERVPRO of Citrus County was called to a local senior living facilities to help assist them with some bio-water cleanup they had at the bottom of one of their elevator shafts. Here, we extracted the water, cleaned the area, then treated the area to get rid of any smell, bacteria, and other microbes it may have had due to the water sitting for a long period of time. 

Front of SERVPRO of Citrus County Office/Warehouse

SERVPRO of Citrus County Office/Warehouse

This is the new and upgraded office and warehouse of SERVPRO of Citrus County. We have included a 21-inch SERVPRO sign on the front of the warehouse so we can ensure you don't miss us! We have also added a SERVPRO wrap to our front doors. The front doors have fire and water designs along with the two main services we provide and the office phone number. 

New Marketing Vehicle

SERVPRO of Citrus County's New ProMaster

SERVPRO of Citrus County is welcoming the new addition to the vehicle family! This is the SERVPRO ProMaster used for marketing and local jobs. This truck is wrapped displaying fire and water!


Newly Wrapped SERVPRO Storm Trailer

This trailer is newly wrapped, displaying fire and water for that eye-catching SERVPRO look. This 26-foot trailer is used for big local jobs and SERVPRO Storm Team participation. 

SERVPRO of Citrus County Owner at Army National Guard Armory

Trade Show at the Army National Guard Armory

Romonda Taylor participated in the annual trade show held by the National Gaurd Armory. Here, business owners go and promote their business while also supporting other local franchises, giving away gifts and other special items associated with the business.

Crew putting up containment at a mold job.

Mold Remediation/Containment

This photo was taken at the Wireless Premium Retailer, it shows our crew putting up containment at a mold job. This is a very important step in making it "Like it never even happened."