Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Water and debris on the floor

Hurricane Flooding in Panama City Beach

After Hurricane Michael hit the area, water flooded this home. The water affected all parts of the home, damaging floors, carpet, walls and various contents in the home. SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to come out and dry the home thus preventing further damage. 

Roof damage due to hurricane

Hurricane Damage in Panama, FL

This was one of many homes impacted by Hurricane Michael. The severe roof damage in result of the storm winds caused water to enter the home producing acute water damage. Black mold started to grow on the walls in result of this. Mercifully, SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to help rectify this situation. 

Damaged roof and home due to storm damage

Hurricane Michael Roof Damage in Panama Home

This Panama home was met with Hurricane Michael which ended up destroying their roof. This caused water to invade the home, ruining everything in it's path. This category 3, grossly contaminated, loss caused major water damage throughout the home, which then turned into mold damage because of the amount of water the this family was faced with. Our SERVPRO of Citrus County Storm Team was able to come out and help relieve some pressure and assist in restoring the home during this pitiful event. 


Newly Wrapped SERVPRO Storm Trailer

This trailer is newly wrapped, displaying fire and water for that eye-catching SERVPRO look. This 26-foot trailer is used for big local jobs and SERVPRO Storm Team participation.