Commercial Photo Gallery

Entrance of hair salon

Water Leak at Hair Salon in Citrus County

SERVPRO of Citrus County was called to a local hair salon to assist in a water damage. The tenant of the salon had sinks installed during the end of the week. She then came back the following week to her salon being flooded due to the sink not being properly installed. This leak affected several other neighboring units but SERVPRO of Citrus County was able to come in and help resolve this unfortunate situation for everyone involved. 

Latter in hallway to get to cause of leak

Water Heater Leak in Commercial Building

This company was met with an unfortunate situation where the water heater in the buildings ceiling started to leak thus causing water to pour into their exam room. The room had standing water so SERVPRO of Citrus County came in and extracted the water and dried the area so no further damage would occur.

Stagnant water at the bottom of an elevator shaft.

Citrus County Senior Living Bio-Water Cleanup

SERVPRO of Citrus County was called to a local senior living facilities to help assist them with some bio-water cleanup they had at the bottom of one of their elevator shafts. Here, we extracted the water, cleaned the area, then treated the area to get rid of any smell, bacteria, and other microbes it may have had due to the water sitting for a long period of time. 

Crew putting up containment at a mold job.

Mold Remediation/Containment

This photo was taken at the Wireless Premium Retailer, it shows our crew putting up containment at a mold job. This is a very important step in making it "Like it never even happened."